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Conference Activities  •  1/3/2020
7 - 8 am
Co-Chairs: William Spriggs, AFL-CIO and Teresa Ghilarducci, The New School for Social Research
Panelists: Ellora Derenoncourt, University of California BerkeleySpillovers from Recent Employer Minimum Wage Increases
Brantly Callaway, University of MississippiUnion Impact on Inequality/Black-White Differences
Ben Zipperer, Economic Policy InstituteNew Research on Employer Opposition to Unions
Aaron Sojourner, University of MinnesotaEffects of Unions Outside the Firm
Suresh Naidu, Columbia UniversitySolving Collective Action Problems in Unions with Data and Experiments
Kate Bahn, The Washington Center for Equitable GrowthRacial and Gender Discrimination Influence on Monopsony/ Unions as Offset to Monopsony Power
8:00 AM ‑ 10:00 AMConcurrent Sessions
Chair: Michael Reich, University of California, Berkeley
Presenters: Lindsey Bullinger, Georgia Institute of Technology; Kerri Raissian, University of Connecticut; and Will Schneider, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignDoes the Minimum Wage Affect Child Maltreatment and Parenting Behaviors? A City-level Analysis
William H. Dow, Anna Godoey, Christopher Lowenstein and Michael Reich, University of California, BerkeleyCan Economic Policies Reduce Deaths of Despair?
Daniel Cooper and Maria Luengo-Prada, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and Jonathan Parker, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyThe Local Aggregate Effects of Minimum Wage Increases
Discussants: Amelie Petitclerc, Northwestern University
Anne Case, Princeton University
Josh Bivens, Economic Policy Institute
Chair: Anthony Webb, New School for Social Research
Presenters: Richard W. Johnson, Urban InstituteRacial, Gender, and Educational Disparities in Labor Market Outcomes at Older Ages
Daniela Hochfellner, New York University; Peter Berg, Michigan State University; Mary Hamman, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; Marissa Eckrote, Michigan State University; and Matthew Piszczek, Wayne State UniversityPension Reforms and Their Implications for Establishment Survivals
Aida Farmand, New School for Social Research and Teresa Ghilarducci, The New School for Social ResearchWhy American Older Workers Have Lost Bargaining Power
Discussants: Anthony Webb, New School for Social Research
Katharine G. Abraham, University of Maryland
Siavash Radpour, New School for Social Research
10:15 AM ‑ 12:15 PMConcurrent Sessions
Chair: Teresa Ghilarducci, The New School for Social Research
Presenters: Michael Papadopoulos, New School for Social ResearchReservation Wages and Nontraditional Work
Katharine G. Abraham, University of Maryland; Brad Hershbein and Susan N. Houseman, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment ResearchContract Work and Labor Force Participation at Older Ages
Matthew Rutledge, Boston CollegeAre More Older Workers Moving to Non-Traditional Jobs as Globalization and Automation Spread?
Discussants: Martha Susana Jaimes Builes, New School for Public Engagement
Teresa Ghilarducci, The New School for Social Research
William M. Rodgers III, Rutgers University
12:30 ‑ 2:15 PMConcurrent Sessions
3.1  Worker Participation in the 21st Century (Symposium)—Harbor F
Chair: Richard B. Freeman, Harvard University
Presenters: Liwen Chen, East China Normal University; Zhongxing Su, Renmin University of China; and Guanghua Wang, Clemson UniversityPie-Growing or Pie-Sharing? The Role of China's Democratic Management on Wages, Benefits and Productivity
Mahreen Khan, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAre Worker Management Committees Improving Factory Conditions? A Study of Participation Committees in ILO's Better Work Factories
Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Columbia University; William Kimball and Thomas A. Kochan, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyWhat Forms of Representation do American Workers Want? Understanding How Workers Think About Labor Organization
Simon Jaeger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Benjamin Schoefer, University of California, Berkeley; and Joerg Heining, IAB - Institute for Employment Research of the Federal Employment Agency (Germany)Labor in the Boardroom
Discussants: John Addison, University of South Carolina
David Madland, Center for American Progress
Paulino Teixeira, University of Coimbra
2:30 PM ‑ 4:30 PMConcurrent Sessions
Chair: Katheryn Russ, University of California, Davis
Presenters: Josh Bivens, Economic Policy InstituteEverybody Wins, Except for Most of Us
Kimberly Clausing, Reed CollegeOpen: The Progressive Case for Free Trade, Immigration, and Global Capital
Dani Rodrik, Harvard UniversityStraight Talk on Trade: Ideas for a Sane World Economy
Discussant: Jason Furman, Harvard University
Chair: Elizabeth Dhuey, University of Toronto
Presenters: Tingting Zhang, Merrimack College and Elizabeth Dhuey, University of TorontoThe Impact of Full-Day Kindergarten on Maternal Labor Supply and Welfare Transfers: New Evidence from Tax Records
Andria Smythe, Howard UniversityEconomic Conditions at College Entry and College Outcomes
Jean-William P. Laliberté, University of Calgary; Mitra Akhtari, AirBnB; and Natalie Bau, University of California, Los AngelesAffirmative Action and Student Effort
Discussants: Natalie Bau, University of California, Los Angeles
Peter Q. Blair, Harvard University


Conference Activities  •  1/4/2020
8:00 AM ‑ 10:00 AMConcurrent Sessions
5.1  LERA Breakfast Session: Gender and Careers (Symposium)—Harbor E
Chair: Marianne Bertrand, University of Chicago
Presenters: Patricia Cortes, Boston University; Jessica Pan, National University of Singapore; and Basit Zafar, Arizona State UniversityInformation Provision and Gender Differences in Negotiation: Evidence from Business Majors
Yukiko Asai and Dmitri K. Koustas, University of ChicagoTemporary Work Contracts and Female Labor Market Outcomes
Anders Frederiksen, Aarhus University; Takao Kato, Colgate University; and Nina Smith, Aarhus UniversityWorking Hours and the Gender Gap in Career Success: Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data
Colleen F. Manchester, Myles Shaver and Alan Benson, University of MinnesotaMarrying for Love or Mobility? Dual-Career Couples and High-Risk Job Opportunities
Discussants: Melanie Wasserman, University of California, Los Angeles
Dora Gicheva, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Chair: Erica Groshen, Cornell University
Presenters: Oren Danieli, Tel-Aviv University and Sydnee Caldwell, Microsoft ResearchOutside Options in the Labor Market
Michael Carr, Randy Albelda and Emily Wiemers, University of Massachusetts-BostonThe Long-Run Impact of Temporary Disability Insurance on Social Security Disability Insurance Claims (SSDI) In the United States
Natarajan Balasubramanian, Syracuse University; Jin Woo Chang, University of Michigan; Mariko Sakakibara, University of California, Los Angeles; Jagadeesh Sivadasan, University of Michigan; and Evan Starr, University of MarylandLocked In? The Enforceability of Covenants Not to Compete and the Careers of High-Tech Workers
Discussants: Ioana Elena Marinescu, University of Pennsylvania
Hye Jin Rho, Center for Economic and Policy Research
Yulya Truskinovsky, Wayne State University
10:15 AM ‑ 12:15 PMConcurrent Sessions
Chair: William Spriggs, AFL-CIO
Presenters: Chloe Touzet and Sandrine Cazes, OECDLabor Union Representation of Women in Non-Standard Forms of Work: The Intersection of Gender and Worker Voice Across Advanced Economies
Ellisa Braunstein, Colorado State University and Stephanie Seguino, University of VermontGender Job Segregation, Labor Regulation and the Labor Share of Income
Eric Hoyt, University of Massachusetts, AmherstWrongful Discharge, Union Representation and Women's Wages: A Cross-State Analysis
Discussants: Jevay Grooms and Rebecca Hsu, Howard University
Chair: Etienne Lalé, University of Quebec in Montreal
Presenters: Anne Polivka, U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsThe Effect of Structural and Cyclical Changes on Trends Across Time in the Number of Workers in Contingent and Alternative Work Arrangements
Robert Valletta, Federal Reserve Bank of San FranciscoInvoluntary Part-Time Work and the Gig Economy: Boon or Bane?
Lonnie Golden, Penn State AbingtonPart Time Pay Penalties are Persisting
James R. Spletzer, U.S. Census Bureau; Katharine G. Abraham, John C. Haltiwanger and Claire Hou, University of Maryland; and Kristin Sandusky, U.S. Census BureauReconciling Survey and Administrative Measures of Self-Employment
Discussants: Stuart Glosser, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Susan N. Houseman, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Eleanor Jawon Choi, Hanyang University
2:30 PM ‑ 4:30 PMConcurrent Sessions
Chair: Sanford M. Jacoby, University of California, Los Angeles
Presenters: Clair Brown, University of California, BerkeleySustainable Shared-Prosperity Policy Index: How Nations Create a Sustainable, Prosperous, Equitable Economy
Jisung Park and Nora Pankratz, University of California, Los Angeles and Patrick Behrer, Harvard UniversityLabor Market Frictions and Adaptation to Climate Change
Carol Zabin, University of California, BerkeleyLegislatively Mandated Analysis on How to Support Workers and Improve Job Quality and Job Access--Including Workers and Good Jobs in Climate Policy--Lessons from California
Basav Sen, Institute for Policy StudiesJust and Equitable Transition to a Clean Energy Future: Transformative Potential Exists, But So Do Challenges
Discussants: Micah Mitrosky, IBEW 569
Gordon McCord, University of California, San Diego
7.2  Labor Force, Productivity, and Mobility (Symposium)—Harbor F
Chair: Abigail Wozniak, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Presenters: Didem Tuzemen, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas CityDisappearing Routine Jobs and Declining Prime-Age Labor Force Participation
Hye Jin Rho, Center for Economic and Policy Research and Andrew Weaver, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignHow Skill Demands Affect Time-to-Hire: Evidence from Applicant Tracking Data
Shulamit Kahn, Boston University; Alicia Sasser Modestino, Northeastern University; and Yeseul Hyun, Boston UniversityThe Structural Decline in Job Turnover since 2000: Disequilibrium or New Normal?
Discussants: Dale Belman, Michigan State University
Evan Starr, University of Maryland
Michael Carr, University of Massachusetts-Boston


Conference Activities  •  1/5/2020
8:00 AM ‑ 10:00 AMConcurrent Sessions
8.1  Labor Market Power (Symposium)—Harbor E
Chair: Arindrajit Dube, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Presenters: David Berger, Duke University; Kyle Herkenhoff, University of Minnesota; and Simon Mongey, University of ChicagoLabor Market Power
Brad Hershbein, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research; Claudia Macaluso, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond; and Chen Yeh, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignConcentration in U.S. Local Labor Markets: Evidence from Vacancy and Employment Data
Aaron Sojourner, University of Minnesota and Yue Qiu, Temple UniversityLabor-Market Concentration and Labor Compensation
Matthew Dey and Elizabeth Weber Handwerker, U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsWhich Occupations are Most Affected by Labor Market Power
Discussants: Marshall Steinbaum, University of Chicago
Ioana Elena Marinescu, University of Pennsylvania
8.2  Teacher Labor Markets and Student Achievement (Symposium)—Harbor F
Chair: Seth Gershenson, American University
Presenters: Quentin Brummet, NORC at the University of Chicago and Emily K. Penner, University of California, IrvineAfter School: An Examination of the Career Paths and Earnings of Former Teachers
Carycruz Bueno, Brown University and Tim R. Sass, Georgia State UniversityThe Effects of Differential Pay on Teacher Recruitment and Retention
Jing Liu, Brown University; Monica Lee, Stanford University; and Seth Gershenson, American UniversityThe Short- and Long-Run Impacts of Secondary School Absences
Dania V. Francis, University of Massachusetts-Amherst; Elizabeth O. Ananat, Anna Gassman-Pines and Christina M. Gibson-Davis, Duke UniversityThe Effects of Localized Mass Layoffs on Academic Achievement Gaps
Discussants: Christina Stacy, Urban Institute
Brian Stacy, World Bank
10:15 AM ‑ 12:15 PMConcurrent Sessions
9.1  Evolution and Growth of Occupational Regulation (Symposium)—Harbor F
Chair: Morris M. Kleiner, University of Minnesota
Presenters: Jason Hicks, Andrew Karch and Morris M. Kleiner, University of MinnesotaThe Origins and Evolution of Occupational Licensing in the U.S.
Davud Rostam-Afschar, University of Hohenheim and Kurt Schmidheiny, University of BaselFreedom of Movement, Taxation and Job Mobility in Europe
Maria Koumenta, Queen Mary University of London; Mario Pagliero, University of Torino; and Davud Rostam-Afschar, University of HohenheimOccupational Licensing and Female Labour Market Outcomes
Ilya Kukaev, Saint Francis University; Robert J. Thornton, Lehigh University; Edward J. Timmons, Saint Francis University; and Pavel Baryshnikov, Saratov State Law AcademyOccupational Regulation in Russia
Discussants: Edward J. Timmons, Saint Francis University
Ryan Nunn, Brookings Institution
Maury Gittleman, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Victoria M. Udalova, U.S. Census Bureau
Chair: Marcus Dillender, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Presenters: John Eric Humphries, Yale UniversityCollege Major Choice: Sorting and Differential Returns to Skills
Matthew Dey and Mark Loewenstein, U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsOn Job Requirements, Skill, and Wages
Andrew Weaver, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSkills and Hiring Frictions in the IT Industry: Evidence from a National Survey
Carolyn Heinrich, Vanderbilt University and Susan N. Houseman, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment ResearchWorker Hard and Soft Skills and Labor Market Outcomes: A Lens through the Temporary Help Industry over the Business Cycle
Discussant: Brad Hershbein, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
1:00 PM ‑ 3:00 PMConcurrent Sessions
10.1  Causes and Consequences of Performance Pay (Symposium)—Harbor F
Chair: Susan R. Helper, Case Western Reserve University
Presenters: Jed DeVaro, California State University, East Bay and John Pencavel, Stanford UniversityWorking Hours, Health and Absenteeism, and Performance Pay
Susan R. Helper, Case Western Reserve University; Morris M. Kleiner and Yingchun Wang, University of MinnesotaAnalyzing Compensation Methods in Modern Manufacturing: Moving from Piece Rates to Time Rates or Gain-Sharing
Benjamin Artz, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; Colin P. Green, Norwegian University of Science and Technology; and John S. Heywood, University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeDoes Performance Pay Increase Alcohol and Drug Use?
Discussant: Michael Gibbs, University of Chicago
Chair: Steven J. Davis, University of Chicago
Presenters: Susan Vroman and Jim Albrecht, Georgetown University and Bruno Decreuse, Aix-Marseille UniversityDirected Search with Phantom Vacancies
Steven J. Davis, University of Chicago and Brenda Samaniego de la Parra, University of California, Santa CruzApplication Flows
Martha Gimbel, Schmidt Futures and Tara Sinclair, Indeed Hiring LabMismatch in Online Job Search
Mary Burke, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; Alicia Sasser Modestino and Rachel Sederberg, Northeastern University; and Bledi Taska, Burning Glass TechnologiesNo Longer Qualified? Changes in the Supply and Demand for Skills within Occupations
Discussants: Tara Sinclair, Indeed Hiring Lab
Jim Albrecht, Georgetown University