January 3-5, 2025
in conjunction with the ASSA/AEA

Symposium Session Proposal Submission Form

Symposium Session Submission Guidelines

Deadline Extended to April 15, 2024

Thank you for your interest in submitting a Session Proposal. The Program Committee will only consider complete proposals, so please be prepared to submit complete paper/topic and contact information for all session participants and co-authors (if any). We encourage you to collect this information in a Word (or other) document, and copy it into this submission form.

1. Session proposals have seven (7) participants: Either 1 chair, 4 presenters, and 2 discussants or 1 chair, 3 presenters and 3 discussants.

2. Please list complete participant information (affiliations, mailing addresses, email addresses), and include paper or speaker topic titles and abstracts (up to 250 words) for each.

3. Please list paper co-authors (if more than one) in the appropriate 'author order', so that we may list them correctly in the printed program.

4. If you have other information to submit about this session that will not 'fit' neatly into the e-form, please include it at the very end of the e-form in 'other comments and notes'.

5. A copy of your proposal will be emailed to you after you submit this form. You may wish to print or electronically keep this email as your record of submission.

STOP! Do you have complete information (paper/topic titles, abstracts, contact information for all participants and co-authors, etc.) before you begin? You will not be able to save this form and come back to it.

Organizer/Primary Contact Information

Line 1:*
Line 2:   
City:* State:* Postalcode:*

Session Details

** See JEL Classifications for the 1 letter, 2 number code (example: A13)

Choose the area of primary interest your session targets:

Session Title

Session Purpose and Content

Please use "Session Abstract" to succinctly describe the purpose and content of the session you are proposing. What do you hope to discuss and/or accomplish in this session?

Please add further descriptive information in "Session Description" if needed.

Session Participants

Please name the people who will participate in your session, including the Chair(s), paper or topic presenters, and/or discussant(s). Co-authors of papers also need to be listed (in author order), and complete contact information is required for each participant and co-author named, including name, affiliation, mailing address, and email address. Chairs, Presenters, Panelists, and Discussants may only participate in one role per program session.

Chair Details

Please name the Chair of the session here, and his or her complete contact information.

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City:* State:* Postalcode:*

Papers and their Presenters

Please fill in information about each Paper below. A paper may have co-authors to list in addition to the presenter of the paper.

PAPER WITH MULTIPLE AUTHORS? If YES, you must list ALL authors/co-authors, IN AUTHOR ORDER, so that we may reproduce this accurately in the program, and include the appropriate affiliations and contact information for each author/co-author in the list. Please click the radio button indicating which author is presenting the paper. **Program Committee will not consider session proposals that have incomplete author information!**

   You will have the opportunity to add more papers after this one, up to four.

   You will have the opportunity to add a Second Discussant after this one.

Almost done!

Thanks for your efforts so far! You will have completed the submission process once you click the 'submit' button below.

When you submit this form, a copy of the information you are submitting will be emailed to you, to the chair that you named in this session proposal, and to LERA.